Vineyard Hishiyama Rock is a farm growing grapes for wine and selling wine made from its own grapes. It's located in Hishiyama district, Katsunuma, in the east end of Kofu Basin, which is one of the largest grape-producing areas in Japan.

  Hishiyama district has south-west to west orientated slopes, the highest altitude in Katsunuma and wider temperature swing. It's said to be a suitable spot for grape growing.

  The owner's passion is focused on reviving abandoned farmland brought from lack of farmers, appreciating life surrounded by nature, and making good wine which more people can enjoy.

  Vineyard Hishiyama Rockは、自家栽培のぶどうでワインづくりをしています。日本でも有数のぶどうの名産地である甲府盆地の東部、勝沼町・菱山地区にあります。



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